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Lang. Devel. Week 1

Lang. Devel. Week1

communication sending and receiving information, ideas, or feelings in at least two directions, not just words but body language, key for success, essential to learn about world and self and needs
communication model subject a encodes -> signal-> subject b decodes
encoding converting ideas into message signal, put idea into code b will understand, has a built in self-monitoring system
decoding breaking message down, comprehending
self-monitoring system hearing/audition, tactile, proprioception, evaluate, chose, revise
hearing/audition evaluate grammar
tactile touch
proprioception sensing the position of your body in space
language code, symbols, rules, purpose
5 systems of language
phonology speech sound system
syntax sentence structure
morphology meaning at the world level, preschools
semantics meaning of whole word, encoded sentence meaning
pragmatics use of language in communication, follows rules
bloom's 3 language system form(syntax, phonology, bound morphology) -language -content (semantics, morphology)- use (pragmatics)
paralinguistic alongside of language pieces, features, add emotion, support or contradict language parts
nonlinguistic not language; eye contact, hand gestures, facial expression, body postion
propxemics positioning our self in space
metalinguistics using language to study or think about language
linguistic competence your underlying intuitive knowledge or the rules that cover language, adults have kids learn, gut feeling