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Latin Exam vocab

look ecce
by name nomine
and et
she writes scribit
where ubi
under the tree sub arbore
she lives habitat
also quoque
today hodie
but sed
she runs currit
at last tandem
slowly lente
in a short time brevi tempore
boy puer
who qui
they are shouting clamant
man vir
they work laborant
suddenly subito
he falls cadit
annoying molestus
she annoys vexat
stealthily furtim
she sees videt
she frightens terret
nothing nihil
crash, noise fragor
if si
day dies
stream rivus
lazy ignavus
rash, reckless temerarius
wolf lupus
terrified perterritus
immediately statim
shout clamat
towards the girls ad puellae
she looks for petat
they reach/arrive adveniunt
not yet nondum
it is day lucet
she gets up surget
father patres
mother matres
however tamen
slave-woman ancilla
she watches observat
to cook coquere
soon mox
water aqua
now iam
busy occupatus
working laborantes
they watch spectant
messenger nuntius
she comes venit
she leads ducet
emperor princeps
to consult consulere
to go ire
she hands over tradet
to the city ad urbem
now, already iam
we nos
to rouse excitare
she enters intrat
time tempore
then deinde
quickly celeriter
again iterum
no one nemo
silently tacite
he tries temptat
here hic
unhappy misera
to go away discedere
i don't know nescio
to remain manere
send mitte
you promise promittis
she holds tenet
she goes away abit
for us nobis
together simul
she weeps lacrimat
meanwhile interea
wears gerit
he orders iubet
trunk,chest cista
to place ponere
he stands stat
road via
stick baculum
wicked scelestus
cras tomorrow
carriage raeda
he throws iacit
coachman raedarius
horse equus
at that very moment eo ipso tempore
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