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Science Testing

School Studying Of Course :)

What triggers tsunamis? Earthquakes on the ocean floor.
What is liquefaction? The process by which an earthquake's violent movement turns loose soil into liquid mud
What wave arrives first? P waves
What wave causes the most damage? Surface waves
What is a record of an earthquake? Seismogram
True or False? A scale that rates an earth quakes magnitude based on the size of seismic waves is a Mercalli Scale False
What are two ways to reinforce your house? Use Metal connectors to strengthen the frame and use plywood panels to strength the walls
How can you make utilities safer? Use flexible joints to gas and water pipes to prevent fire and flooding
What helps geologists determine the earthquake risk for an area? locating where faults are active and where past earthquakes have occurred
What are four ways earthquakes cause damage Shaking, Liquefaction, Aftershock, and Tsunamis
What does a seismograph record? seismic waves by vibrations in the drum
What are four instruments used to monitor movement along faults? Tiltmeters, Laser-Ranging Devices, Creep Meters, and GPS Satellite.
Created by: Stephanie_R_Odms