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Science Test 1/14/11

cluster s science test

what are the 3 types of pathogens that can cause disease bacteria,fungi and virus
what are diese cause by bacteria tetnus and strep throat
what are diesas caused by fungi ringworm and athletes foot
what are diesas caused by viruses cold and influenza
what mircroorganism is single celled round rod or spirled shap and can grow on agar? bacteria
what microorganism is made up of many cells are decomposers and can grow on agar? fungi
what microorganism isnt a cell requires a host cell and can only be seen with a electron microscope? virus
what happens during inflamatory response? it is the seond line of defense. during it blood flow increaes to the infected area causing swelling and for the body temp to rise. the body is trying to kill off pathogens during a fever.
what is the job of the t cell the t cell reconqizes the virus and reports it to the b cell
what is the job of the b cells? the b cells produce antibodies which are protiens that go onto the antigens on the virus helping kill it
what is a antibody a antibody is a protien that helps destroy pathogens
what is a phagocyte a phagocyte comes along aafter the antibodies attch to the virus and gulps it all up.
what is active imunity acctive ammuntiy is when the bodie makes its own antibodies
passive imuntiy is when... it is when anitbodies are put into you
how does a vactination work it works when harmless antigens are put into your body to produce active immunty. it will remeber the anitgen so it will quickly fight it if it is every seen in your body again
how do anitbiotics work? they work to kill bacteria or slow the growth of them
what is a noninfectouis diese a non infectouis dieses is a diese not caused by pathogens and cannot be transford from one person to another
what is a infectouis a infectouis diese is when it is caused by a pathogen and can be transford from one person to another.
what is a allergy a allergy is when your body is overly sensative to a forgein invader not normally found in the body. when it comes in contact with it is produces a chemical called histamine whcih resluts to the allergy simptons
how does diebtes affect the amount of gluciose in your body it effects it becuase is when your body cannot produce neoguh insaline in the pancrease and so it cannot take glucose out of the blood and use it for cell resperation so there is a lot of glucose in the blood.
what is the differcne between type 1 diabetes and type 2? type 1 is usally devloped when your a kid and you cannot get rid of it. it is when your body cannot produce enough or no inslaine
type2 you usally get in adluilthood and is caused by unhealthy eating habbits it is when your body prodces no or little insaline or your body cells dont know how to react to it it can be fixed by a healthy diet and lifestyle
how do cancer cells harm the human bodies? they harm it buyhaving cansous cells mutlypy uncotrobly destorying healthy cells and tissue you also could say they cause tumors and cells can break away and invade the blood
what happen when HIV invades the human bodie? it destorys t cells so the bodie cannot find the pathogens so it fails to fight off dieses. over time someone with HIV will devolpe aid in which there imune systam fails so they will die if they get a virus
what is the equation for cell resperation glucose+O2---->Energy+Co2+H2o+heat
Created by: sgoodhue