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acid rain prtisipation of high acity
conglmerate a rockmade of minral and rock fragments
crysle a solid substance
crystllization the process of a crystal
cubic a cystal of charatized
evaperation a conversioin of a liquid substance disapears
fosil a dead animal
hardness a resistance of the rock minral
hexaganal a shape
igneonis a type of rock formed by cooling
indigeo aucuring natruly
laser light apifilcation by siulation
lava somthing that flows from volcanos
luster a way of light reflects off from light
magma the hot,liquid within the earths crust
matlic luster describes a minral that is usaly dark color
metamorphic a type of rock that is formed when igneos,sedementary,or even when metamorphic to extreme heat and presure
mieral when a natuly oucring,solid,inorgaic substance
mohs scale of hardnaess a scale that ranks the hardness
monoclinic a crystle by charized by three axises
nonmetalic luster describes aminral that is usaly light colored
orthorhombic a crysle from carized by three unequal axises
petrifaction a prcceas of petrifing
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