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Grimes 1st Semester Exam Review General Information Questions Part 2

This occurs when a river falls off steeply. Waterfall
This is a large body of salt water that often connects to an ocean. Sea
This is a low place between mountains. Valley
This narrow body of water connects two larger bodies of water. Channel
These are flat lands with only small changes in elevation. Plains
This is an extensive area of flat or rolling, predominately treeless, grassland. Prairie
This is a group or chain of islands. Archipelago
This is a shallow body of water along a coastline. Lagoon
This is a large body of fresh water surrounded by land. Lake
This is a narrow strip of land connecting two larger land masses. Isthmus
This is a raised area or mound of land. Hill
Large bodies of saltwater surrounding the Continents. Oceans
Forces within the Earth that cause sections of the crust to move. Plate Tectonics
Eventual wearing down of the land. Erosion
Land which is surrounded by water on three sides. Peninsula
Land which is surrounded by water on all sides. Island
This occurs when one country depends on another country for goods and services. Globalization
The entire layer of air surrounding the Earth. Atmosphere
Other than the Baja Peninsula, this peninsula is also located in Mexico. Yucatan
Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, & South America are all continents, which continent is missing from this list? Antarctica
Atlantic, Pacific, Indian are all Oceans of the World, which ocean is missing from this list? Arctic
How are lines of latitude measured in seconds and minutes, or hours and days? Seconds and Minutes
Name the Galaxy in which we live. Milky Way
What does a Physical Relief Map show? Natural Features
What percent of the Earth's surface is water, 60%, 70%, 90%? 70%
Upon what, does the Earth spin? Axis
In what two hemispheres is Nevada? North and West
In what two hemispheres is Sydney, Australia? South and East
Condensation, Transpiration and what, are the major parts of the Water Cycle? Evaporation
Mexico, the Caribbean, the U.S.A, and Canada are part of North America, what other country is located in North America? Greenland
Created by: mcgrimes