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rock and minerals 1

rain acid precipitation of relitivly high acidity that is formed when airborne oxides sulfur and nitrogin combine with moisture in the atmisphere
cogleramate a rock made of mineral and rock fragments
crystal a solid substance in which particals are aranged in a orderly repedable pattern
crystalisation the process which crystals are formed
cubic a crystal form caricterized by three equl axes at right ageles to eachother
evaporation to conversion of a substance from a liquid to a gas state
fossil the remains inpressions or other evidence of living things pre severd ina rock
hradness the resistance of a surface of a mineral to another substance
hexagonel a crystal carecetrized by three equal axes inetrsected at 60 degess and a verticle axes of variabels of right agles
igneous a type of rock formed by cooling and crystalization of molten materiels
indegneous occuring in a natural place or region
laser light amplication by stimulated emission of radiation
lava moltten rock that flows from volcanoes or earth fissues
luster the way a mineral reflects to light
magma a hot liguid withins the earths surfuce
metalic luster describes a mineral usaly dark in coler is always opeque evan on its thin edeges and shines like polished metal
metamorfic a type of rock when igneous sedimentrary or evan other metimorfic are subjected to extreme heat and presure deep below the earths surfuce
mineral a naturlly ocurring solid ignorganic substance with a definate chemical composion and usally crysallyne in form
mohs scale of hardness the scale that ranks the hardness of a mineral relitive to the hardness to other minerals
monocinic a crystal form by carecterized by three unequel axes with one oblique inetrsection
nonmitalic luster descibes a mineral that is usally light colered and whose surfuce appers glassy greasy peraly brillant silky or dull
orthorombic a crystal form by three unequal axes at right angels to each other
petrafaction the process of pertafing or becoming a fossil
piezoelcteric a type of electricity generated by appling pressure to a crystallyne substacnce such as quartz
property any quality that serves to descibe or define an object material or relationship
rock a naturely ocurring ingoganic usaly comprised by a mixture of differant minerals and other materials
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