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Vocab 4

Japanese For College Students Vol.1 Lesson 4 Vocab

English meaningromanji
to show miseru, misemasu
to teach, tell oshieru, oshiemasu
to ask kiku, kikimasu
to lend kasu, kashimasu
to send okuru, okurimasu
to make tsukuru, tsukurimasu
to get on, ride noru, norimasu
to speak, talk hanasu, hanashimasu
to wait matsu, machimasu
to die shinu, shinimasu
to call out to, invite yobu, yobimasu
for X to start hajimaru, hajimarimasu
to travel, take a trip ryokoosuru, ryokooshimasu
good ii
family kazoku
photograph shashin
letter tegami
child(ren) kodomo
English eego
picture postcard ehagaki
jogging jogiNgu (k.)
something nanika
someone dareka
somewhere dokoka
the way, road, street michi
room heya
apartment, apartment house apaato (k.)
word processor waapuro (k.)
tape recorder teepurekoodaa (k.)
train deNsha
Trip ryokoo
hand te
knife naifu (k.)
chopsticks hashi
fork fooku (k.)
green tea, tea ocha
bicycle jiteNsha
bus basu (k.)
airplane hikooki
together isshoni
everyday mainichi
weekend shuumatsu
next week raishuu
this week koNshuu
last week seNshuu
this evening koNbaN
this morning kesa
on foot aruite
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