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6th grade Social Studies Test on Mexico

The last ruler of the Aztec Empire Montezuma
Known as the "Father of Mexico" who started the Mexican Revolution Miguel Hidalgo
Current president of Mexico Felipe Calderon
The Spanish Conquistador who conquered the Aztecs Hernan Cortes
This empire ruled much of Mexico and Central America between 2000 BC and 900 AD Mayan
This empire ruled much of current day Mexico between 1200 and 1500 Aztec
The Spanish Conquistadors, led by Cortes arrived in Mexico to conquer the Aztecs this year. 1519
This is the year Mexico declared its independence from Spain and began the revolution 1810
This is the year Mexico finally won its independence from Spain 1821
This is the year the NAFTA treaty was signed 1994
The geographic shape where Mexico City is located looks much like this Bowl
The mountain range on the West side of Mexico is called the Sierra Madre Occidental
The mountain range on the East side of Mexico is called the Sierra Madre Oriental
The main mountain ranges of Mexico form this letter's shape V
This northern desert has some of the hottest and coldest temperatures in the country Sonoran
This type of soil is found near Mexico City and makes growing crops easier volcanic
Climates in Mexico are determined by Altitude and latitude
These bodies of water in Mexico are relatively small and carry little water Rivers
Mexico has this type of economic system market
Mexico's current government is a democracy
Mexico's main language is Spanish
Mexico's main religion is Catholic
The Aztecs used a system of this to govern their empire Tribute
Because large stadium-type structures were discovered at many Aztec and Mayan ruins, archaeologists can infer that this was very important to those societies Ball game
Aztecs welcomed Cortes into their city because they believed he was a god
Created by: mrs.saxton
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