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iron, zelazo
마치 marsz, jak?
마취 anesthesia
가장 1. glowa rodziny 2. przebranie
자석 magnes
좌석 Seat (miejsca siedzace)
와인 wino
돕다 (도돠요) to help
완두콩 pea (groch)
세종대왕 krol Sejong
교과서 podrecznik
관심 interest, concern
광고 Advertisement
촬영 photographing;picture-taking;filming;shooting;a shot;a snapshot
boom [bang]
화장실 bathroom
소화제 digestive medicine
odglos gryzienia, chap!
with a bang[boom]; with a thud [bump, thump]
워낙 nazbyt, overly
원서 written application form
나누다 (나눠요) to share with; distribute, divide up
미루다 (미뤄요) to postpone / put off
동물원 zoo
뭐든지 whatever
권투 Boxing
여권 Passport
두다 (둬요) to leave (things)
주다 (줘요) to give
감추다 (감춰요) to hide
멈추다 (멈춰요) to stop
춤추다 (춤춰요) to dance
훨훨 lopot skrzydel
웨이터 waiter
웬일 [웬닐] for what matter/reason?
외국어 a foreign language
해외 overseas, abroad
참외 yellow melon
인쇄 print, wydruk
괴롭다 (괴로워요) painful, distressful, bitter
되게 extremely, very (inf.)
죄송하다 to be sorry
최고 the best
퇴근 going home from work
회색 gray
기회 opportunity, chance
dosc, fairly, pretty, quite, comparatively (intensity)
꽥꽥 kwa kwa
꾀꼬리 robin, kanarek
위반 violation 違反
더위 heat, hot weather
사위 son-in-law
윗사람 [윋싸람] elderly person,
윗집 upstairs house
사귀다 to make friends
50 in native Korean number
취미 hobby
취직 getting a job
Whoosh - znikac onomat.
방귀를 뀌어요 puszczam baki.
다 귀찮아 niewazne
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