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Anggiogenesis Formation of new blood vessels
Angioma Benign vascular tumor involving skin and sc tissue
Blanching White color of the skin when pressure is appled
Ecchymosis bruise
Eschar Dry, dark, leathery scab composed of denatured protein
Hyperthermia when temp > 106 F
Hemorrhagic exudate Large component rbc due to capillary damage, whic allow rbc to escape.
Ischemia (blank)
Keloid (blank)
Keratin (blank)
Lipoma (blank)
Petechiae (blank)
Purulent exudate (blank)
Sebaceous cyst (blank)
sebum (blank)
shearing (blank)
telangiectasia (blank)
vitiligo (blank)
wound (blank)
Nevi(nevus) (blank)
symptom of psoriasis Red patches covered w/ thick silvery.
shingles skin rash caused by vericella zoster which common in adult.It has accumulation of fluid between upper layer of the skin , elevated mass containing serious fluid
The nurse chartered that the clients' skin was loose , wrinkle and thin with mild scaling, the nurse describing Skin Texture
chicken pox highly contagious infection skin desease caused by varicella zoster which common in children
What is the relationship between shingles and chickenpox? When chickenpox of a children cured but it never go away, it will stay in the nerve for life and the person immune to the same virus from out side. However, when the body immune weaker it will allow the virus to be seen in the form of shingles.
immobility and respiratory? immobility caused blood clot which lead to blockage of pulmonary artery to cause pulmonary embolism.
Immobility and Musculoskeletal Prolong immobility will cause muscle and bone atrophy because they never move and the muscke function loss which well lead to asthenia or muscular weaknes.
Nusing treatment of astenia Passive rom and turn q2hrs.
Immobility and Cardiovascular Immobility will cause DVT(which will lead to trombusin the larger vein of the area and may interfere with circulation, and it may break off and travel through the blood stream (embolize).A resulting embolus can lodge in the brain, lungs, heart, or other a
Immobility and UTI Immobility will cause Urinary retention wich in turn cause bacteria to grow in the bladder and cause UTI.
Uticaria Urticaria is skin condition characterized by welts that itch intensely, caused by an allergic reaction, an infection, or a nervous condition. Also called hives, nettle rash.
Impetigo a contagious skin disease, esp. of children, usually caused by streptococcus aureus bacteria, marked by a superficial pustular eruption, particularly on the face.
Vetiligo Depigmentation
Melanoma any of several types of skin tumors characterized by the malignant growth of melanocytes
Stages of pressure ulcers I.Nn blcble eryth of the itct skin.2Prtl thickns skin loss inv. e-dermis, dermis or both.3.Full thks s. loss inv. dmgs or necr.of sc tissue that may ext. down to but through udrlyng facia.4.F.th.s.l occur w/etsive destr,tissue necr,muscl,bone,orsupp.str.
Common cause malignant lesion Expose to morning sun
Scabies and its treatment The itch mite burrows under the skin, lays egg and deposits fecal material.Treatment: apply scabicide or lindane.Wash linnen and all cloth w/ hot water.
Turgor The normal fullness or tension produced by the fluid content of blood vessels, capillaries, and plant or animal cells.
skin turgor Elaticity of the skin
Tinea capitis Ring worm of the scalp ( fungu disorder of the skin).
Tinea corporis is an infection of the body surface by mold-like fungi called dermatophytes.
Tinea cruris ringworm of the groin, is an infection of the groin area caused by fungi.
Tinea pedis Fungul infection of the foot, normally seen on athlete foot.
Purpose of the wet to dry dressing To mechanically debride a wound.
Appocrine gland a large sweat gland that produces both a fluid and an apocrine secretion; in human beings located in hairy regions of the body
Arrector pili muscle a tiny muscle that attaches to the base of a hair follicle at one end and to dermal tissue on the other end.these tiny muscles aid the body in temperature regulation
Macule Non palpable localized change in the color of the skin. x. Freckle, mole or nevus < 1 cm in diameter.
Papule A solid elevated lesion of < 0.5 cm.
Pustule vesicle that filled w/ pus.
Wheal Localized edema in the epidermis causing irregular elevation that may be red or pale. X. ppd test, insect bite
Vesicle An accumulation of the fluid between upper layer of the skin; elevated mass containing serous fluid.X. herpes zoster (shingles), Herpes simplex, chickenpox.
An inflammatory disease involving the sebaceous glands of the skin; characterized by papules or pustules or comedones Acne
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