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Latin Midterm

Stack #53578

auriga, -ae charioteer
fossa, -ae ditch
tabellarius, -i courier
fluvius, -i river
pes, pedis foot
civis, -is (gen pl. civium) citizen
pars, partis (gen pl. partium) part, direction, region
fatuus, -a, -um stupid
plenus, -a full
sceletus, -a, -um wicked
praeclarus, -a, -um famous, distinguished
identidem again and again
interea meanwhile
festino, -are, avi, atum to hurry
vito... to avoid
soleo... to be accustomed to, to be in the habit of
traho... to drag, pull
ago... to do, drive
quiesco... to rest, keep quiet
fugio... to flee
excipio... to welcome, recieve, catch
arripio... to grap hold of, snatch, sieze
cunctus, -a, -um all
cesso... to be idle, do nothing, delay
gaudeo... to be glad, rejoice
concido... to fall down
extraho... to drag out, take out
incolumis, -is, -e unhurt, safe, sound
frustra invain
placide gently, peacefully
interpello... to interrupt
haereo... to stick
moveo... to move
verto... to turn
deverto... to turn aside
gratias tibi ago thank you
abeo... to go away
ars, artis (genpl artium) skill
cibus, -i food
cisium, -i light 2-wheeled carriage
culpa, -ae blame
invenio to come upon
Created by: emmamalo