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Latin School

School words in Latin

gymnasium gym
schola superior high school
classis a class
sessio a class period
periculum test danger
anterneridiana A.M.
aula technologiae technology
aula philosophae naturalis science building
aula historiae History Building
aula artium Art Building
aula musicae music building
campus basipilaris baseball field
campus mollipilaris softball field
area stativa parking lot
campus tenisius tennis court
curriculum track
area philosaphica science quad
area principalis main quad
aula Anglica english building
aula negotii business building
aula linguarum language building
lingua Latina Latin
lingua Hispanica Spanish
lingua Francogallica French
lingua Japonica Japanese
lingua Sinensis Chinese
biologia biology
biologia marina marine biology
(res) chemica chemistry
(res) physica physics
physiologia physiology
psychologia psychology
(res) mathematica math
algebra algebra
geometria geometry
trigonometria trigonometry
calculus calculus, a pebble
historia mundana world history
historia Americana American History
seminarium beanum Freshman Seminar
studere to study, be eager for
pedifollium soccer
vexillaria color gaurd
luctatio wrestling
teniludium tennis
basipila baseball
mollipila softball
corbifollium basketball
cursura track (the sport)
jactatio throwing (discus, shotput, etc.)
saltus jumping
saltatio dance
clamorum instrigatrix cheerleader (female)
clamorum instigatio cheer (the sport)
cursura agrestis cross country (the sport)
ars musica music
chorus choir
symphonia nervosa string orchestra
harpastum americanum football
athletica P.E., sports
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