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sooper duper oedipus

violence and murder and pestilence and incest!...oh my! -Connor

what god is very angry at what oedipus and jocasta engaged/ing in? (INCEST!!!!!!!!!!!) apollo, hmmm...not exactly the right god to piss off.
Tiresias tells Oedipus what? that he is the murderer he seeks
what does the 3-way crossroads represent? times of difficulty and decision
what is ironic about Tiresias he is blinds, yet he sees the truth
what theme revolves around oedipus quest of escaping his fate? the limits of freewill
how did little old oedipus bcome king? he defeated the ever so evil sphinx
what accounts for the downfall of oedipus? his hubris
what device is used in this play to voice the voices of the common man regarding the actions taken in the play? the chorus
who, supposedly, wrote this here play for your reading enjoyment? sophocles, or sofoecleez
what does jocasta do when she finally acknowledges the truth? she goes and kills herself, yessiree!
Created by: mgibbons