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Novel By George Orwell

What is the first physical step Winston Smith takes that portrays his rebellion towards Big Brother. He starts using a journal.
What does Big Brother symbolize? Big Brother symbolizes the party in manifestation and a totalatarian government.
Who is O'Brien? O'Brien appears as a member of the Brotherhood but is really a powerful, mysterious member of the inner party.
Who does Big Brother exploit as the enemy? Emmanuel Goldstein
Who has children that constantly spy on him and eventually tunr him into the ThoughtPolice? Parsons
What does the glass paperweight symbolize? Winston's attempt to reconnect with the past, it shatters when Winston is arrested.
What are the two countries that Oceania is constantly at war with? Eastasia and Euraisa
What is Winston's greatest fear that he faces in room 101? Rats
What is the Brotherhood? A secret underground organization that rebels against Big Brother.
Where do Winston and Julia often hideout to spend time together? A room above Mr. Charrinton's shop.
Who is Syme? Syme works with Winston at the Ministry of Truth and is creating a dictionary for NewSpeak.
Created by: mgibbons



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