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femina woman
agircola farmer
nauta sailor
ancilla helper
dea goddess
regina queen
filia daughter/son
colonus farmer
amicus friend
dominus lord/master
puella girl
puer boy
servus servant
vir man
ego i
tu you (sing)
nos we/us
vos you (plural)
uxor wife
mulier mother
senex old man
soror sister
mater mother
frater brother
homo man
ille/illa he/she
rex king
hostis enemy
plebs commoner
civis citizen
fur thief
custos guard
dux leader
princeps emperor
pastor shepherd
miles soldier
poeta poet
socius companion
magister teacher
populus people
imperator general
gens race/clan/family
adulescens youth
nepos grandson
heres heir
inter between/among
interim meanwhile
cotidie everyday
ubique everywhere
infra below/under
contra against
intra inside/within
ultra beyond
penuria extreme poverty
copia supply/plenty
epistula letter
balaena whale
porcus pig
vacca cow
equus horse
avis bird
leo lion
canis dog
feles cat
aquila eagle
apis bee
accipiter hawk
pullus chicken
lupus wolf
formica ant
ursus bear
cancer crab
aranea spider
musca fly
rana frog
zues jupiter
hera juno
poseidon neptune
hestia vest
athena minerva
apollo apollo
artemis diana
aphrodite venus
hephaestus vulcan
ares mars
hermes mercury
hades pluto
dionysus bacchus
emotion dionysus
underworld hades
messenger hermes
war ares
blacksmith hephaestus
love aphrodite
hunt artemis
reason apollo
wisdom athena
hearth hestia
sea poseidon
queen hera
king zeus
fate having been spoken
agegis protection----athena
zeus defined god
sacred tree of zeus oak tree
zeus's father kronus--saturnus
lord of the earth (poseidon) earthquakes
hades--defined unseen
pluto--defined wealthy
hades weapon bident- "two teeth"
city Athena was patron deity of Athens
athenas birth placde from Zeus's head
sacred tree of athena olive tree
athenas gree sobriquets pallas and pathnos maiden
define apollo the destroyer
apollo often associated with in roman mythology for this music- playing the lyre
apollos nickname- phoebus shining (shining of the suns rays)
location of apollos famous oracle delphi
define latin root for orare to pray= at oracles
sacred tree of apollo and describe its orgin laurel- apollo pursued the nymph daphne by escaping from him by turning into a tree
define: aphrodite born from the sea foam
sacred tree of aphrodite myrtle tree
symbol of aphrodite biological symbol for feminine
define: artemis butcher
sacred tree of artemis cypress
two deities that are considered twins artemis and apollo
natural object artemis associated moon
main symbols for hermes winged sandals and helmet
usual function in myths (hermes) often guides travelers
symbol for ares biological symbol for male
# of letters in ancient greek 24
2 examples n literature the odyssey and the iliad (24 books named after letters)
two ways ancient greek has influenced latin capitol letters, phonetic sequence
language formed from latin greek
5 romance languages--why are they called this? romanian portuguese italian french spanish romans conquered all the areas and compelled them to speak there languages
y the romance languages are very similar/different greatly influenced by latin. overtime blended there natural languages
australia southland
define: procrastinate pro= for cras= tomorrow
salary=explain roman soldiers payed with salt (sal) higher the rank--> more salt
roman veiws behind vulgaris 5%-rich-education 95%-poor-no education(bad grammar)-children worked vulgaris=commmon
define: sinister. explain how influenced left--->evil cut off left arm
dictator. y good title? the sayer dont do what dictator says=severe punishment
january door (between old and new years-2 headed god janus)
febuary purification (12 day roman festival held)
march from god mars (war season started march 15)--1st month of original year
april opening (buds and flowers open with advent of spring)
may from maia(mother god) mercury born may 15(according to tradition)
june from roman dictator julius ceasear (born on july 12)
august from emperor augustus (the exulted one)
september 7th
october 8th
november 9th
december 10th
monday of the moon-dies lunae
tuesday of mars- dies martis
wednesday of mercury-dies mercuri
thursday of jupiter-dies lovis
friday of venus-dies veneris
saturday of saturn-dies saturni
sunday of the sun- dies solis
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