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Science semester 1

study this if u go to McC

Imdependent variable single factor in an expirement that changes
Dependent variable factor that will be measured in an expirement
Qualitative observation observation that describes anything but numbers
Quantitative Observation observation that describes numbers
Independent varriable goes on which axis? X axis
dependent varriable goes on which axis? Y axis
temprature average kinetic energy of the particles in a substance
what groups are the representative elements?? Groups 1,2,13-18
what is the name of group 1 alkali metals
group 2 alkaline earth metals
group 17 halogens
what do metals do to become stable?? loose electrons
what do non metals do to become stable?? gain electrons
an elements identity is determined by the amount of protons
radioactive decay occurs in the... neucleus
during alpha particle decay an atom looses... 2 protons and 2 nuetrons
during beta partical emmision... a neutron splits in to and electron and a proton