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Latin Exam Vocab

Latin Word English Meaning
aqua water
insula island
silva woods
via road
non not
et and
sed but
fama fame
familia family
fortuna fortune
puella girl
terra land
vita life
bonus good
durus hard
magnus large
parvus small
agricola farmer
longus long
multus many
novus new, strange
amo to love
laboro to work
paro to prepare
porto to carry
specto to watch
minime no
sic yes, so
carrus wagon
equus horse
servus slave
malus bad
laudo to praise
nunc now
ubi where
quod because
cibus food
copia supply
cura worry
forma shape
numerus number
regina queen
clarus clear, famous
planus flat
nauta sailor
pecunia money
unda wave
navigo to sail
cras tomorrow
tum then, next
ad to, toward
amicus friend
littera letter of the alphabet
praeda loot
gratus greatful
dono to give
mando to entrust
monstro to show
nuntio to announce
probo to test
iniuria injury
memoria memory
poena penalty
provincia province
pugna fight
victoria victory
incito to incite
occupo to seize
pugno to fight
servo to save
filia daughter
hora hour
meus my
quintus fifth
tuus your
paene almost
semper always
disciplina instruction
lingua language
patria country
augeo to increase
doceo to teach
habeo to have
terreo to scare
amicitia friendship
gloria glory
gratia gratitude
materia matter
maneo to remain
video to see
in in, on
ibi there
casa house
socius ally
altus tall
libero to free
mereo to earn
teneo to hold
captivus prisioner
cena dinner
singuli one at a time
moveo to move
voco to call
ab away from
de down from
ex out from
ager field
filius son
magister teacher
puer boy
viri man
amicus friendly
liber free
noster our
sacer sacred
animus mind
colonus settler
habito to live
migro to migrate
annus year
barbarus foreigner
castra camp
consilium plan
frumentum grain
praemium reward
signum sign
evoco to summon
arma arms
auxilium aid
bellum war
concordia harmony
nuntius messenger
debeo to owe
maturo to hasten
causa reason
dominus master
oppidum town
populus people
aequus even
latus wide
publicus public
verus true
vester your
quis who
quid what
officium duty
ago to drive, live
cedo to yield
accedo to approach
excedo depart
defendo to defend
exspecto to await
mitto to send
pono to place
templum temple
pulcher beautiful
capio to seize
accipio receive
facio to make
munio to fortify
rego to rule
venio to come
invenio to find
locus place
pretium price
terminus boundary
duco to lead
efficio to effect
narro to tell
dea goddess
deus god
otium leisure
studium studies
commodus suitable
varius various
firmus firm
perpetuus constant
afficio to afflict with
gero to wage
incipio to begin
cum with
liber book
verbum word
plenus full
tardus late, slow
audio to hear
contineo to hold together
traho to drag
sentintia motto
medius middle of
convenio to come together
convoco to call together
reduco to lead back
poeta poet
reliquus remaining
lego to read
scribo to write
num quam never
finitimus neighbor
proelium battle
ventus wind
pauci few
xommito to commit
propero to hurry
praesidium guard
appello to call
aut or
aut aut either or
et et both and
periculum danger
miser poor
amitto to lose
pro for
inimicus unfriendly
liberi children
superbia pride
primus first
superbus arrogant
adsum to be present
educo to lead out
interficio to kill
permito to let go through
remaneo remain
tamen nevertheless
diligentia diligence
do to give
submitto to furnish
inter between
ob because of
natura nature
peto to seek
sustineo to maintain
cur why
conservo to preserve
intermitto to stop
obtineo to obtain
permoveo to move deeply
modus manner
cogo to compel
moneo to warn
cognosco to learn
plico to fold
ante before
trans across
dux general
homo person
lex law
miles soldier
pax peace
salus health
clamo to shout
premo to press hard
vulnero to wound
antecedo to go earlier
relinquo to abandon
sto to stand
traduco to lead across
transporto to transport
vivo to live
fortasse perhaps
factum deed
certus sure
notus known
paratus ready
tertius third
cerno to discern
commoveo to alarm
possum to be able
rogo to ask
fuga flight
spatium space
timidus shy
ultimus last
adduco to influence
consulo to consult
provideo to foresee
non iam no longer
impedimentum hindrance
pes foot
regnum kingdom
rex king
expedio to set free
impedio to obstruct
ligo to tie
verto to turn
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