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Stack #53436

Latin: An Intensive Course - Unit 5

ante (prep. + acc.) (adv.) (prep. + acc.) before, in front of (adv.) before, previously
antīquus, -a, -um ancient
ardeō, -ēre, -arsī, arsus burn, be on fire; desire
arma, -ōrum, N. (pl.) arms, weapons
aurum, -ī, N. gold
aureus, -a, -um golden, of gold
autem (postpositive conj.) however, moreover
bene (adv.) well
canō, -ere, cecinī, cantus sing (of)
cēdō, -ere, cessī, cessus go, move, yield
accēdō, -ere, -cessī, -cessus go to, approach
discēdō, -ere, -cessī, -cessus go from, depart, leave
dēbeō, -ēre, dēbuī, dēbitus owe, ought
dominus, -ī, M. master, lord
dūrus, -a, -um hard, harsh
ferrum, -ī, N. iron, sword
flamma, -ae, F. flame, fire
imperium, -ī, N. authority, power, empire
imperō (1) give (an) order(s), give (a) command(s)
interficiō, -ere, -fēcī, -fectus kill
invādō, -ere, -vāsī, -vāsus go into, invade, attack
magister, magistrī, M. superior, director, master, teacher
medius, -a, -um middle of, middle
moveō, -ēre, mōvī, mōtus move
removeō, -ēre, -mōvī, -mōtus remove, take away, set aside
mox (adv.) soon
nōscō, -ere, nōvī, nōtus learn, (in perfect) know
cognōscō, -ere, -nōvī, -nitus learn, (in perfect) know
novus, -a, -um new, strange
numquam (nunquam) (adv.) never
umquam (unquam) (adv.) ever
pius, -a, -um loyal, dutiful, pious
impious, -a, -um irreverent, wicked, impious
populus, -ī, M. people
possum, posse, potuī, --- be able, can
post (prep. + acc.) (adv.) (prep. + acc.) after, behind (adv.) afterwards, after, behind
postquam (conj.) after (+ indicative)
quamquam (conj.) although (+ indicative)
ruīna, -ae, F. fall, downfall, ruin, destruction
ruō, -ere, ruī, rutus fall, go to ruin, rush
sine (prep. + abl.) without
socius, -a, -um allied
socius, -ī, M. ally
tamen (adv.) nevertheless
vīvō, -ere, vīxī, vīctus be alive, live
vocō (1) call
Created by: alcarohtare