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Kirk Nutrition 10

NUT 10 Key Points

What are the 2 bodily purposes of food? provided energy & rebuilding of the body
What are the 6 essential nutrients? protein, carbs, fat, mineral, vitamin, water
What are the 3 functions of nutrients? And name an example of each. energy (cabs, fats); structure (water); regulatory (protein)
Define RDA. Recommended Daily Allowances: daily amount of nutrients considered adequate to meet the needs of nearly all healthy people (?)
What is digestion? process by which food is broken down into a form that can be absorbed in the intestine; breakdown of food to be ready for bodily absorption
What are the 2 different forms of digestion and where do they occur? mechanical (physical): occurs in the mouth, esophagus, & stomach chemical (enzyme breakdown (released from pancreas)): occurs in stomach and small intestine
What is homeostasis? Give an example. maintenance of relatively constant internal conditions controlled by many systems in the body: body water- 2/3 intracellular & 1/3 extracellular
What are the 3 functions of a protein? Give an example. structure- bone & connective tissue energy- chemical bonds release energy (no storage of protein) if not used, then converted and stored as fat regulatory- hormones (insulin), enzymes (catalyst), Immune system & fluid balance
What is an amino acid? basic units of a protein (Carbon, Amino Group, Acid Group, R Group) 1-9: essential AA who's r group can't be manufactured and must be taken from food source 10-20: NEAA
Protein... source of nitrogen structure differs based on aa sequence; sequence determines function
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