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Reading Vocabulary


autobiography story an author writes about his or her own life.
biography writer's story about someone else's life
drama fiction that is meant to be performed for an audience, also known as a play.
fable short story that teaches a moral or lesson and often features talking animals.
fairy tale folktale featuring magic and supernatural elements that conveys a lesson of morality.
fantasy story that takes place in a make-believe setting, usually features characters with magical or supernatural powers.
foltale story originally passed on by word of mouth from one generation of a community to another, usually less serious than a myth.
historical fiction fiction story that is mixed with facts and is based on a real place and time history.
legend folk story set in the present or the past and based on real events and people
mystery story that usually features characters who try to solve a crime.
myth traditional story written to explain a people's beliefs, a natural event, or the relationships of humans being gods, goddesses, and heroes.
nonfiction writing that is factual rather than fictional.
poetry writing that is usually in verse and uses brief, colorful, and ofter rhythmic language to express human emotions and thoughts.
realistic fiction story with imaginary characters and events that could exist in the real world
science fiction story that is based on new or futuristic scientific develpments.
tall tale humorous story that features superhuman accomplishments and may be based on a real person's life.
narrative story told by someone.
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