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My Paramedic Notes

Important Cards to know.

Definition of Occlusion Blockage of an artery by fatty deposit
What is the common cause for Gastric Distention. Improper Bag Valve mask ventilation. Improper head placement.
Definition: Braxton-Hicks Contractions (child birth)
Dyspnea Difficult or Labored breathing.
Cardiogenic Shock When the heart ceases to pump sufficient blood in order to maintain adequate perfusion.
What are the 5 P's? -Pallor -Pain -Pulse -Paralysis -Paresthesia What are the 5 P's used for? To check adequate circulation.
Definition: Cushing Reflex -S&S are increase Systolic B.P, Bradycardia, and Eratic Respirations(usually slow) Why does the body do this? and whats another name for this syndrome A.K.A Cushings Triad Body does this to keep crebral Perfusion during I.C.P Treat by Hyperventilating.
Definition: Diffusion Movement of gas molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of lower concentration.
Definition: Somatic Pain "sharp Pain" Travels along a DEFINITIVE neural route.
Definition: Subdoral Hematoma "Rupture of small venous vessels in the brain" What are the S&S? This rupture is slow and onset of S&S an take several hours to show.
If you Feel a pulse in the carotid artery, than the pulse must be.... pulse is at least 60Bpm
If you feel a pulse on the wrist, than the pulse must be... pulse is at least 90Bpmm
Definition: Cardiac Contractile Force Strength of a contraction in the heart.
Definition: Defamation Is intentional false communication that injures another person's reputation or good name. Defamation includes slander(verbal and libel)
Definition: Febrile Seizures A fever that rises VERY rapid in a short period of time. Associated mainly in children. example..... Fever that rises from 100.2-107.5 in 30 minutes compared to several hours are more likely to turn into seizures.
Definition: Abruptio Placenta Premature separation of the placenta from the uterus. What are the S&S of Abruptio Placenta Sudden sharp and tearing pain(Somatic), and the development of a stiff like abdomen. Bleeding can be sever or not be present.
what are New born Vital signs. Respiration: 30-60 Heart Rate: 100-180 BP: 60-90 systolic Temp: 98-100 F
Definition: Beck's Triad Beck's Triad is a term to identify S&S for Cardiac Tamponade -Hypo-tension -Distended Neck Veins -Muffled Heart Sounds
Definition: Inotropy Refers to Cardiac Contractility
Definition: Stroke-Volume The amount of blood ejected from the heart in one contraction. What effects this?? 3 things effect stroke volume ............................. -after load -preload -cardiac contractility Force
Definition: Reffered Pain Pain in a region other than where it is being felt.
What are the following "Rate" for the following: SA Node Rate AV Node Rate Ventricular Pacemaker Rate SA Node: 60-100 AV Node: 40-60 Ventricular Pacemaker: 20-40 (Purkinje Fibers)
What is the Rule of 9? Head and Neck: 9% Upper Back:9% Lower Back:9% Front Chest:9% Abdomen:9% Each Arm:9% Front Leg:9% Back of the Leg:9%
Clavicle Fractures may also cause injury to..... The subclavian Vein.
Definition: Hyphema Collection of blood in the pupils and the Iris of the eye due to trauma. How do you treat this injury? Elevate the head
Definition: Viseral Pain Dull Pain that is poorly localized What kind of organ is most likely injured in viseral pain Hollow organs
Definition: Dromotropy Nerve Impulse speed
Definition: Murphy's Sign Is associated with Gallstones Pain in the right costal margin (right ribs)
Definition: Idiopathic seizure A seizure occurring without any history of seizures. "usually occurs in children"
Definition: Cullen's Signs Ecimosis in Abdomen around the umbilicus(sometimes in the flank) suggests intra-abdominal hemmorage
Definition: Adventitious Breath Sounds Abnormal Breath sounds
What does this acronym stand for? D.C.A.P - B.T.L.S Deformities Contusions Abrasions Punctures/Penetrations Burns Tenderness Lacerations Swelling
Definition: Aphasia Inability to speak
Definition: Pulsus Paradoxus A drop in systolic BP of 10mmhg or more. or The absence of a radial pulse during inspiration.
Definition: Diaphoresis Sweating Heavily
Definition: Rhinorrhea Runny Nose
Definition: Hypoxemia Decreased blood oxygen level
Definition C.P.A.P Used in C.H.F it pushes fluid back to alveoli and capillaries to re leave lungs of fluid and give time for drugs like diuretics to work.
What is Starling's Law? The more the myocardial Muscle is stretched the greater the force of contraction. Thus the greater the preload will be.
What is a Flail Chest? The motion of a flail segment opposite to the normal motion of the chest wall.
What is "resting potential" refer to? More potasium inside cell, and less sodium outside of the cell. This causes the hear to contract. What is another work for this? Polarization.
What does the acronym stand for? O.P.Q.R.S.T - A.S.P.N -Onset -Provoke -Quality -Radiation/Region -Severity -Time -Associated Symptoms -Pertinent Negative(absent symptoms) Used for History.
Definition: Gravidity Number of times a woman has been pregnant
Definition: Parity Number of pregnancies carried to full term
Definition: Primi gravidad First time pregnant
Definition: Multi Gravidad Pregnant more than once
Definition: Nulli Gravidad Never been pregnant
Definition: Primi Para Has given birth to 1st child
Definition: Multi-Para Delivered more than one child
Definition: Nuli Para Never Delivered child birth
What is Ischemia? Lack of oxygen
What is "Decorticate Posture?" It is a position described as: Arms flexed inwards and legs extended out with fist clenched. what is this usually characterized with? Associated with a lesion at or above the upper brain stem.
What is the term "Down and Dirty Dopamine" refer to? Take 10% of the patients weight in LB's and then subtract 2. Gives you the drops per minute of dopamine a patient should get.
What does this acronym stand for: S.L.U.D.G.E S: Salivation L: Lacrimation U: Urination D: Defecation G: G.I upset E: Emesis What is the acronym useful for? Signs of poisoning.
Definition: Osmosis The passage of a "solvent" such as water through a cell membrane (ex.salt moves water)
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