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cells and tissue 2

a and p

Fibroblasts cells that connect body parts
Epithielial cell cells that cover and line body organs
Skeletal muscle and smooth muscle cells that move organs and body parts
Fat cell cell that store nutrients
Macrophage (a phgocyte cell) cells that fight disease
Nerve cells cells that gather information and control body function
Oocyte (female) Sperm (male) cels of reproduction
Interstitial fluid fluid that continuously baths the exterior of the cell
Intracellular fluid inside the cell (cytoplasm and cytosol)
Selective permiability a barrier allows some substances to pass thru while excluding others
Passive transport processes substances are transported across the membrane without energy input from the cell
active transport processes the cell provides metabolic energy (ATP) that drives the transport system
Kinetic energy all molecules possess_________ __________(energy in motion)
concentration gradient molecule move awy from a region where they are mopre concentrated to an region of less concentration
Simple diffusion particles in solution move continuously and collide constantly with other particles, as a result particles tend to move away from more concentrated areas to evenly distribute particle in solution
Facilitated diffusion to move along concentration gradient certian molecule need a protein channel or protein molecule that acts as a transport vehicle
Osmosis diffusion of eater through a selectively permiable membrane such a the plasma membrane is specifically called_______
Osmotic pressure the tendancy of a solution to hold or "pull" water into it is called_________ _______
Isotonic solution have the same solute and water concentration as the cell
Hypertonic solution contains more solutes than the inside of the cell
Crenate Shrinking of the blood cell is called ______
Hypotonic solution when a solution contains fewer solutes than the cell does
Red Blood cells exposed to isotonic solution no change to the cell (ringers lactate, normal saline)
Red Blood cells exposed to hypertonic solution creanate or shrinking takes place
Red Blood cells exposed to hypotonic solutions causes the cell to plump up as water enters the cell along concentration gradient, (distilled water most extreme form)
Solute pumping uses ATP to energize it protein carriers (more simply called active transport)
Phagocytosis term that means cell eating act as scavengers cells that police and protect the body by ingesting bacteria and other forien debris as well as dead body cells (whit blood cells)
Pinocytosis if cells can eat tehy can also drink this is called _________
Exocytosis the means by which cells actively secrete hormones, mucus, and other cell products or eject cellular waste (out of the cell)
Endocytosis includes those ATP-requireing processes that take up ,or engulf, extracellular substances (into the cell)
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