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Ch 7 RenewaResources

Earth's Resources Vocab

biomass plant material and other organic matter used as an energy source
wind energy energy produced by the movement of air over Earth;s surface
Geothermal Energy energy produced by heat within Earth
Solar Energy energy received by Earth from the sun in the form of radiation
Hydroelectric Energy electrical energy produced by the flow of water
Difference between an Active System and a Passive System a heating system that uses solar collectors with moving parts - a passive does not use moving parts
Where do they obtain 85% of its home heating from geothermal energy? Iceland
the water for geothermal power plants heat up by magma heated rock
What is recycling? process of using materials more than once
What is a disadvantage of a solar collector? cloudy days do not produce enough sunlight for warming
How long will coal resources last if current trends continue? 200 years
What is a Photovoltaic Cell? a solar cell used to convert solar energy directly into electricity
Explain how a turbine generates energy use your wind turbine as a foundation to explain
Be able to explain how the engineering process works Identify the Challenge, Brainstorm, Design a Solution, Test Ideas, Evaluate, Build It!
Be able to explain the shift to renewable energy and why people are shifting People are shifting to renewable energy because 1) Nonrenewables will run out 2) it is "clean" meaning it does not release substances such as sulfur dioxide into the air 3) it does not release CO2 into the air which holds heat in our atmosphere
Created by: Amatulli Science