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Ch7- Prisons Today: Change Stations or Warehouses

penitentiary the earliest form of large-scale incarceration, punished criminals by isolating them so the could REFLECT on what they did wrong, REPENT, and REFORM.
Pennsylvania system The FIRST historical phase of prison discipline, it involved SOLITARY CONFINEMENT instead of corporal punishment. The idea was started by Philadelphia Quakers at the Walnut Street Jail.
Auburn system The SECOND historical phase of prison discipline- allowed inmated to WORK together SILENTLY during the day and ISOLATED them at night- done at Auburn Prison in New York
public accounts system earliest form of the PRISON INDUSTRY- the WARDEN was responsible for purchasing materials and equipment and over-seeing the sale of items made in the prison
contract system system of the PRISON INDUSTRY in which the prison ADVERTISED for bids, prisoner labor was sold to the HIGHEST BIDDER
convict lease system system of PRISON INDUSTRY where the prison temporarily RELINQUISHES (gives up) supervision of its prisoners to a LESSEE (the lessee employs the prisoners or transports them to another state)
state use system system of the PRISON INDUSTRY that employs prisoners to manufacture products for STATE government and agencies
public works system system of PRISON INDUSTRY in which prisoners were employed for the CONSTRUCTION of PUBLIC buildings, roads, and parks
medical model philosophy of PRISON REFORM in which criminal behavior is regarded as a DISEASE to be treated with appropriate therapy
classification process of SUB-DIVIDING (splitting up) the inmate population into categories that match offender needs with correctional resources
external classification INTERINSTITUTIONAL (inside the prison) placement that reviews an inmate's background, assignment and work based on the inmate's RISK, NEEDS, and TIME TO SERVE
unit management system method of CONTROLLING prisoners in self-contained living areas, making inmates and staff accessible to each other
manpower model approach to private business partnership- the prison serves as a TEMPORARY PERSONNEL SERVICE
employer model most common approach- the prison provides a company with a SPACE for their business and INMATES to hire
customer model a company hires a prison to provide a FINISHED PRODUCT at an agreed-upon price
FPI Federal Prisons Industries- federal government paid inmate program
UNICOR trade name of Federal Prisons Industries- makes products such as military uniforms and furniture
operational capacity NUMBER of inmates that a facility's staff, existing programs and services can accomodate
principle of least eligibility requirement that prison conditions (including health care) must be a step BELOW that of working class people and those on welfare
design capacity NUMBER of inmates that a facility is designed to hold
maximum (close) (high) security prison prison designed and staffed to confine the MOST DANGEROUS OFFENDERS for long periods- has a highly secure perimeter, barred cells, high staff to prisoner ratio, has strict controls and few privileges
medium security prison confines LESS DANGEROUS offenders that are there for both short and long sentences, has barred cells and fortified perimeter, lower staff to prisoner ratio, more freedom of movement
minumum security prison confines the LEAST DANGEROUS OFFENDERS, allows freedom of movement and privileges, dorm style housing, less staff
open institution MINIMUM SECURITY facility that has NO FENCES OR WALLS surrounding it
just deserts (1985-present) GET TOUGH policy, focuses on punishment, WAREHOUSES prisoners
Created by: KFreeh
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