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African Vocab.

Chapters 18-20

a steep slope with a nearly flat plateau on top. escarpment
waterfalls making large portions of a river impassable. cateracts
huge stores of underground water. aquifer
in the rain forest the canopy is the uppermost layer of branches, about 150 feet high, and most of the animals in the rain forest live in the canopy. canopy
the spreading or expansion of the desert. desertification
sediment carried by a river. silt
crops like coffee, tea, and sugar which are grown for direct sale. cash crops
an uncontrollable outbreak of a disease affecting a large population over a wide geographic area. pandemic
marketplaces that are common in North Africa. souks
complete separation of the races. A form of segreagation in South Africa. apartheid
an agriculture or mining product that can be sold. commodity
a way to pass history of culture from one generation to another generation by the older people telling stories. oral traditions
people displaced from their homes or homelands. refugee
an extreme and long-term shortage of food. famine
African language mostly spoken in Eastern Africa. Swahili
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