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Vocab 3

Japanese For College Students Vol.1 Lesson 3 Vocab

romanjienglish meaning
okiru, okimasu to get up, wake up
neru, nemasu to go to bed
taberu, tabemasu to eat
miru, mimasu to see, watch, look at
iku, ikimasu to go
kaku, kakimasu to write
kiku, kikimasu to listen, hear
oyogu, oyogimasu to swim
yomu, yomimasu to read
nomu, nomimasu to drink
kaeru, kaerimasu to go home; return
kau, kaimasu to buy
au, aimasu to see, meet
kuru, kimasu to come
suru, shimasu to do
beNkyoosuru, beNkyooshimasu to study
kaimonosuru, kaimonoshimasu to shop
tomodachi friend
yoru night
baNgohan supper, dinner
hiru noon
hirugohan lunch
asa morning
asagohan breakfast
paN (ktkn) bread
gohan (cooked) rice, metal
nyuusu (ktkn) news
rajio (ktkn) radio
teepu (ktkn) audio tape
oNgaku music
terebi (k.) television
eega movie
juusu (k.) juice
coora (k.) cola
koocha black tea
tenisu (k.) tennis
beNkyoo studies
kurasu (k) class
kaimono shopping
hana flower
hanaya flower shop
hoNya bookstore
depaato (k) department store
resutoraN (k) restaurant
kissaten coffee shop
uchi home
itsumo always
ashita tomorrow
kinoo yesterday
kyoo today
sorekara and then
itsu when
doko where
nani what
Created by: coldpenguin