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Geography's Advantages Over Other Disciplines

1. Synthesizing We are curious about a wide range of approaches. Geographic training nurtures and expands these traits. Generally assume that any subject matter may be important. All elements must be taken into account.
2. Complexity of Explanations Geographers experience a wide range of conflicting insights. Sensitive to need for complex and multiform explanations. Essential view for environmental problems. No discipline can answer all the questions.
3. Range of Information Sources Environmental understanding needs diverse kinds of information. From dispersal mechanisms of specific chemical agents. Geographers are exposed to and better trained in a variety of data gathering techniques. Field obersvation, lab experiments, inverviews
4. Location and Spatial Relationships All environmental information is spatial information. Only way it can be interpreted is through GIS. Dis
5. Human Beings as Part of Environment More than any other profession geogrphy is aware of teh human environmental interface. Human/Environmental relationship is a two way street. we respond to the environment through the screeens of perception and culture Have to understand and teach inteface
Created by: speerdm