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Reading finale 2010

How does Hamadi first become acquainted with Susan's father? They just drifted together
In Hamadi Susan's friend Tracy is upset because... another girl is competing with her for the attention of boy...
In Hamadi Eddie's feelings and are important to Tracy. How are Susan's intrests different? Susan is not intrested in having a boyfriend.
Why is Hamadi content to live in the Traveler's Hotel? He does not care much about appearance and possessions.
Susan finds in Hamadi some of the traits she enjoyed in her grandmother, who lives near Jerusalem. Which similarity does susan find most compelling? both live simply and thoughtfully
A Retrieved Reformation ...
Which of Jimmy's actions gives clues to his plans when he is released from prison? He returns to his room and picks up his burglar's tools.
Which of the prison warden's words to Jimmy help you predict the ending? He says Jimmy is "not a bad fellow at heart."
WHat characteristics make Jimmy Valentine a successful burglar? 1. he uses special tools 2. he makes quick getaways 3. he works alone 4. he is a good fighter 1, 2, 3.
What is Ben Price's interest in Jimmy Valentine? 1. ben price is a burglar 2 ben price has known jimmy from childhood 3. ben price is a detective 4. ben pice believes jimmy should not have been released from prison. 3,4.
Why does Jimmy Valentine decide to go into the shoes business? He decides to give up crime and needs honest work.
What is not a sign of Jimmy's changed life? Jimmy kept his suitcase of burglary tools.
Jimmy meets Annabel, opens a shoe business, and plans to marry. These plot elements are examples of:? rising action
Which character determines the resolution of the story? Ben Price
The Story Teller ...
what is the setting? a public railway carrige made uncomfortable by the heat
What is the relationship between the bachelor,the aunt , and the three children in the story. He is a complete stranger to the other characters
In the story what is the bachelor's reaction toward the children at first annoyance
In the story teller what can you infer about the children's reaction to the aunt's story? They find the story boring and stupid
In "The Story-Teller," which statement bests expresses a them of the story about Bertha If you are too proud of being good you are not really so good.
What does the aunt find improper about the bachelor's story? It makes fun of Bertha's goodness
The Drummer Boy of Shiloh ....
Joby was ____ years old. 14
This story take place in the month of ____ in _____. April;1862
Who talked with Joby? the general
when the general says that owl creek will be full of boys again just floating at sundown tomorrow, not caring where the tide takes them what does he mean? it will be a bloddy battle will take place and men/boys will be killed.
why did the general cry the night before joby did? the general cried because he was thinking of the war and possibly of being killed.
The author of this story is _________. Ray Bradbury.
How might the difference between a slow and fast beat of a drum affect the attitude of soldiers marching into battle? the difference is a slow beat may slow down the army and not get them excited while a fast beat could get them excited, ready and get them moving fast.
The Finish of Patsy Barnes ...
Name one characteristic(quality) of the docter. racist
why was it so important for Patsy to win the race? Patsy would then have money for a good docter.
Name the illness that Patsy's mother had. pneumnia
Name the horse that patsy rode in the race. Black Boy
In the story Patsy spends most of his time at the horse stalls
The Tell-Tale Heart ...
Why does the narrator of the story want to kill the old man? he hates the old man's clouded blue eye
Why does the narrator greet the old man so heartily every morning? to reassure the old man
On what charater traits does the narrator pride himself? his intelligence and his patience
on opening the door to the old man's room on the eighth night, the narrator feels... unexpectedly powerful
what is different about the old man's reaction to the narrator's intrusion? he wakes up and asks who is there.
why does the narrator cast a beam of light on the old man's face? to look at old man's eye
why does the sound of the old man's groan in the middle of the night sound familiar to the narrator? the narrator himself has groaned in terror in the night
why do the officers stay after they search the house and find nothing suspicious? to talk further with the narrator.
the sound that drives the narrator to confess is..... possibly coming from the narrator's punding heart
Tears of Autumn ...
what are the settings Japan, a ship, california.
what does hanaa recall about her homeland while she is traveling? fields of flowers, mountains, her sleeping mat.
what do hana's relatives think is the most important thing to look for in a hubby? wealth
why does the uncle not immediately consider hana as a possible wife for taro? she is unlikely to travel so far
hana's bro-in-law often claimed that hana had _________? too much edu.
why does hana agree to marry taro? she wants a life unlike her sisters'
what does hana know about taro before meeting him? very little
which of the following word best captures hanas feelings when she finally meets her hubby-to-be nervousness
what is the main diff. between taro and other japenese man hana has known? taro has made a life outside japan
it is evident that at the time japanese women often entered into arranged marriges
what similarity in hana and taro bodes well for their marriage they have a sense of humor
in what way will the setting of hana's future be diff from the setting of her past? she is moving from a country village to a large city
what historical time period do you think is the setting early 1900s
charles ....
laurie is facing the new experience of starting _________ kindergarten
this story is told from the point of view of the _______ mother
in the third and fourth week of school name one thing charles does. passes out stuff for the teacher
why does laurie say that all the children stay late when charles has to stay after school? laurie is late when charles has to stay after school
Why is Charles an institution in Laurie's household? Charles is talked about constantly.
More Hamadi ...
Where did Hamadi grow up? Lebanon
WHat does this quote mean.. "I married the wide horizon" Hamadi married exploring and adventure which he does through books.
More Retrieved Reformation ...
What does Jimmy have a good burglar? A special set of tools
J.V. is revealed when... a little girl is trapped in a safe and Jimmy has to break her out with his tools.
What does Retrieved Reformation mean To gain a new beginning
More of everything
What do Hana's relatives feel is most important in a man wealth
Why is Joby considered the heart of the army? The beating of the drum keeps soldier's morales up
Speckled Band (SB) ...
What is the SB the snake
Who is Sherlock's assistant? Dr. Watson
Helen thinks that the reason of her sister's death was... Fright
Who comes to see Sherlock after Helen visited Her Step-father
What did he want To know what Helen said and to tell Sherlock to stay out of his buisness.
.. ..
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.... ......
...... .....
Theme The meaning of the story
Plot what happened
Setting where/when the story took place
Conflict a struggle or clash between opposing forces; battle
Point of view who told the story
Created by: tayand


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