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Ch 12- 8th grade sci

Ch 12- 8th grade science

Shoreline The boundary between land and a body of water.
Beach An area of the shoreline made up of material deposited by waves.
Saltation The movement of sand or other sediments by short jumps and bounces that is caused by wind or water.
Deflation A form of wind erosion in which fine, dry soil particles are blown away.
Abrasion The grinding and wearing away of rock surfaces through the mechanical action of other rock or sand particles.
Loess Very fine sediments deposited by the wind.
Dune A mound of wind-deposited sand that keeps its shape even though it moves.
Glacier A large mass of moving ice.
Glacial drift The rock material carried and deposited by glaciers.
Till Unsorted rock material that is deposited directly by a melting glacier
Stratified drift A glacial deposit that has been sorted and layered by the action of streams or meltwater.
Mass Movement A movement of a section of land down a slope.
Rock Fall A group of loose rocks that fall down a steep slope.
Landslide The sudden movement of rock and soil down a slope.
Mudflow The flow of a mass of mud or rock and soil mixed with a large amount of water.
Creep The slow downhill movement of weathered rock material.
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