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Class Natural catechololamine Sympathomimetic
Discription Epinephrine stimulates alpha-, beta1-, and beta2-adrenergic receptors in dose-related fashion. It is the initial drug of choice for treating bronchoconstriction and hypotension resulting from anaphylaxis as well as all forms of cardiac arrest. It is usefu
Onset Duration Onset: (SQ) 5-10 min (IV) 1-2 min Duration: 5-10 min
Indications Bronchial asthma Acute allergic reaction Cardiac arrest Asystole Electromechanical dissociation Ventricular fibrillation unresponsive to initial defibrillatory attempts
Contraindications Hypersensitivity Hypovolemic shock Coronary insufficiency Hvpertension
Side Effects Headache Nausea Restlessness Weakness Dysrhythmias Hypertension Precipitation of angina pectoris
How Supplied Parenteral: 1 mg/ml ( 1: 1000), 0.1 mg/ml (1:10,000) ampule and prefilled syringe Autoin jector (EpiPen) 0.5 mg/ml (1:2000) 0.01 mg/ml ( 1: 100,000) pediatric
Dosage Asystole, pulseless electrical activity, or ventricular fibrillation Adult: Initial: 1 mg IV push, repeat q 3-5 min Intermediate: 2-5 mg IV push q 3-5 min Escalating: 1 mg-3 mg-5 mg IV (3 min apart) High: 0.1 mg/kg IV push, q 3-5 min
Spicial Considerations Pregnancy safety: Category C. Syncope has occurred after epinephrine administration to asthmatic children. May increase myocardial oxygen demand.
Actions Both alpha and beta effects, increases hr, Myocardial contractily,Arterial BP,Systemic Vascular resistinance, Myocardio demand and Broncodilation. WILL ONLY WORK ON A WELL OXGENATTED MYOCARDIUM
Created by: fsneumann