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emt b 14-26

brady prehospital emergency care ch 14-26

Which of the following structures is technically not located in the abdominal cavity? A) Stomach B) Liver C) Kidneys D) Spleen
Which abdominal quadrant contains the appendix? A) Right upper B) Left lower C) Right lower D) Left upper
Pain that originates in an organ, such as the intestines, is called ________ pain. A) visceral B) referred C) parietal D) acute
Which of the following is true concerning parietal pain? A) It is usually intermittent in nature. B) It arises from solid organs. C) It is generally localized to a particular area. D) It is often described as ʺcrampyʺ or ʺcolicky.ʺ
Which of the following is NOT a cause of parietal pain? A) Inflammation B) Infection C) Bleeding into the abdominal cavity D) Muscle spasm
With the exception of the ________, most abdominal organs are not able to sense tearing sensations. A) colon B) liver C) aorta D) ovaries
Which of the following is a characteristic of referred pain? A) It is usually described as ʺcrampyʺ or ʺcolicky.ʺ B) It is only felt in hollow organs. C) It is caused by psychological stress. D) It is felt in a location other than the organ causing it
Pain felt in the epigastric region of the abdomen is of concern because of the possibility of which of the following? A) Influenza B) Myocardial infarction C) Extreme diarrhea with dehydration D) All of the above
What is the main focus of the EMTʹs assessment and history taking of the patient with abdominal pain? A)Determining the possible need for immediate surgery B)Determining the cause of the pain C)Determining the presence of shock D)Determining if the p
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