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APES Ch12Vocab Lytle

Lytle - APES Ch 12 Vocab

biological control A set of methods to control pest organisms by using natural ecological interactions, including predation, parasitism, and competition. Pard of integrated pest management.
contour plowing Plowing land along topographic contours as much in a horizontal plane as possible, thereby decreasing the erosion rate.
desertification The process of creating a desert where there was not one before.
integrated pest management Control of agricultural pests using several methods together, including biological & chemical agents.A goal is to minimize use of artificial chemicals;another goal to prevent or slow the buildup of resistance by pests to chemical pesticides.
no-till agriculture Combination of farming practices that includes not plowing the land and using herbicides to keep down weeds.
overgrazing When the carrying capacity of land for an herbivore, such as cattle or deer, is exceeded.
terminator gene A genetically modified crop that has a gene to cause the plant to become sterile after the first year.
Created by: jdlytle