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Lewis structure of carbon tetrachloride :cl:: :::cl--c--cl:::: :cl::
Lewis structure of hydrogen peroxide .. .. H-O-O-H .. ..
Lewis structure of HYDROGEN SULFIDE H2S .. H-S-H ..
Lewis structure of N2 nitrogen :N = N: -
Lewis structure of hydrogen cyanide H-C=N: -
E=m(c)2 why is E very large, M is small amount thats lost E is large because c is very large and m is a small amount lost
2 gases believed to have a greenhouse effect water vapor and carbon dioxide
[-CH2-CH2]-n what does n represent? a. the number of repeating units
[-CH2-CH2]-n what does the formula in the braket represent? b.the repeating unit
which polymer is often used in textiles. b and c (polyethylene and polyester)
-C-O- ll name the function group? O b.ester
Ethylene glycol, HOCH2CH2OH is used in d. anti0freeze and polyester fiber
steroid nucleus Oo OO
an isotope of uraium 92 U 238 B. 92 U 235
Unsaturated triglycerides contains (x) double bonds and polyunsaturated triglycerides (y) double bonds d. (x )is one and (y) is two or three.
saturated triglycerides have the physical form (x) and are found principally in (y) a.(x) solid and (y) is meat
triglycerides are esters formed from longchain acids and the compound b.glycerin
subgroups classified as carbohydrates include the following c. starch, sugar and cellulose
which of the following may be metabolized for quick energy a.sugar
which of the following provide the highest energy per unit of weight c. fats and oils
in the metabolism of sugar by human beings, energy is released along with the byproduct a.carbon dioxide
what is the value of n for a polymer having a molecular weight of 28,000 d.1000
in the polyester used extensively in textiles bottles and film which of the following is the acid used as a starting material a. terephtalic acid
in the polyester used extensively in textiles bottles and film which alcohol is used as a starting material c.ethylene glycol
a major advantage of fuel cell baseed oxygen and hydrogen over a lead acid battery is that a fuel cell a.will not run down like a battery as long as hydrogen and oxygen are supplied
in the neutralization of acid with base, the reaction products are a. salt plus water
in the neutralization reaction in which HCL is reacted with calcium hydroxide d. the formula for calcium chloride is CaCl2
in petroleum refining, large molecules are first reduced size and then sperated by the stes of D. c(craking) followed by b (distilation).
two important green house gases are carbon dioxide and water vapor
plant metabolism usualy requires a combination of b.carbon dioxide, chlorophyl and sunlight
a sample of gasoline containing a 92% octane has an octance rating a. 92
acids are characterized by which ion water a.H+ or H3O+
water is a poor solvent for hydrocarbons b.c c.both A and B.
hydrocarbons which contain the same number of carbon atoms and the same number of hydrogen atoms are called b.isomers
a reaction which required the input of energy in order to take place is considered a. endothermic reaction
when HCL is neutralized with an equimolar amount of aqueous sodium hydroxide, the resulting pH should be about a.7
prior to the burning of fossil fuel, acid rain contained the acid c.carbonic acid
in the burning of coal containing significant amounts of sulfur which gas may be found in the atmosphere a.SO2
a covalent single bond between carbon and hydrogen is compromised of d. electron from carbon and one electron from hydrogen
he main problem with using coal to generate electricity a. coal contain impurities
the acid in the stomach, HCL, may safely be neutralized with a.calcium carbonate
the polyamide functional group contains the elements d. C,H,N and O
outer electrons are exchanged in nuclear reaction, but not chemical reactions false
chemists can change identify of an element in nuclear reaction but can not in chemical reactions true
the energy changes associated with nuclear reaction are typical much smaller than energy changes in chemical reactions flase
both nuclear and fossil fuel power plants have in common the use of steam to drive a turbine true
one reason for the U.S. to increase its reliance on nuclear power is the need to reduce reliance on fossil fuels true
proteins are polyamides true
satruated fats contain cis and trans isomers false
prior to the burning of fossil fuels, acid rain probably contained sulfuric acid flase
the air we breathe contains approximately 20% oxygen and appoximately 80% nitgrogen true
sugars are metabolized quickly and are therefore a source of quick energy true
which subgroup of carbohydrate are disgested by cows , nit by humans beings? cellulose
identify a contribution of lisa meitner nuclear fission
what was fleming's discovery? penicilan
how many amino acids are "essential" i.e. our bodies can;t synthesize them? 9
in a battery, chemical energy is converters into electrical energy by the flow of ___from one cell to the other electrons
polystryne polymer having the formula below has a molecular weight of 104,000. what is the value of n. 1000
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