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S1 Exam Review

What unique geographic feature can be attributed to the land where the Sumerians lived? bounded by two rivers
what was a major contribution of the Summerians cuneiform
describe the code of hammurabi controlled babylonian life
what did Nebuchadnezzar complete while the Assyrians were in control of Mesopotamia library of nineveh
What did the ancient Mesopotamians and Egyptians have in common river; both depended on the bounty of the rivers;
What are the rivers nile & Tigris
Wo what was a pharaoh likened? a god
for what are the ancient Hebrews known worshipping one God
who was the hebrew founding father Abraham
when did Jerusalem become the capital city david became king
after the hebrew tribes, they were united under what common factor convenant with yahweh
what advice does Siduri give Gilgamesh be content with life as a mortal
why did Gods want to destroy humanity because the peo
Created by: christianex3