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ANTH Cultures

Anthropology Cultures' Locations

Gitanos Madrid, Spain
Aborigines Australia
Turks Turkey
Trobriands Kiriwina Islands, off eastern coast of New Guinea
Maasai Loita Hills, Kenya
Turkanoans Vaupes region of Columbia, central NW Amazon
Marina Madagascar
Aztec Ancient Mexico
Qiqitkamiut Eskimos Arctic Canada?
Somalia NE horn of Africa
Kono Sierra Leone
Sambia Eastern highlands of Papua New Guinea
Anatolia Turkey
Zafimaniry Madagascar
Basques Spain, though perhaps France
Pocobaya New Zealand
Metonym denotes one things that's intimately associated with another; ex. Gitanos "honra" part of actual social institution
Patrilineal tracing descent through male line; ex. Maasai culture
Matrilineal tracing descent through female line; ex. "baloma" female ancestry with Trobriands
Matriarchy gynocentric form of society governed by women; ex. Mosuo of SE China
Compradazgo link between parents and godparents; ex. catholic society
Exogamy marriage to someone outside of tribe due to law or customs; ex. Maasai culture
Teknonymy practice of referring to parents by names of their children; ex. Zafimaniry of Madagascar
Polygyny practice of having more than one wife simultaneously; ex. Maasai culture
Moran the life stage of the Maasai men post circumcision indicating move to adulthood and ability of ownership
Kaulos hollowish tubular structure
Consanguinity the process through which the blood of the father is transferred, by semen, to become the blood of the son during conception
One-sex body there is only one kind of body, with multiple cultural (and therefore sexual) constructs upon it
Mocedad Gitanos age between childhood and adulthood to find sexual and social identity
Honra yellow fluid encased in 'uva' released during first sexual penetration; also non-pysical description of purity, decency, control
Ohha Basque group of shepherds with ownership rights and can make "mountain cheese"
Partibility a person can detach from/to themselves others/their own body parts
Yurupari initiation of death and rebirth, imitating menstruation and childbirth in Tukanoans
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