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Q2 Study Guide

Science Study Guide

have impacts of huge space rocks changed Earth’s climate in the past? They have created cooler climates
New ocean floor is formed when two oceanic plates move apart
At the Challenger Learning Center, you learned that volcanoes may release large amounts of sulfur dioxide gas into the atmosphere causing acid rain
What can cause a slow change in Earth’s surface? erosion of a mountain
What Earth process quickly changes the Earth’s surface? Earthquake
Which Earth processes could you expect to happen in your life time An earthquake somewhere in North America
Imagine that you found a rock with fossils in it. Explain how this rock may have formed. Plants or animals died and their remains were buried along with bits of sand or rock were cemented together
The rock cycle involves the formation of sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks
What is one thing scientists can learn about the history of the Earth by studying different rock layers? Information about past climates
scientist in Antarctica (South pole) discovered a fossilized tropical fern. What does this tell you about the past climate of Antarctica? It used to be a rainforest
A geologist taking a rock sample found fossilized seashells within one of the rock layers. The geologist can then determine that this layer was once part of a ocean
Usually, when energy is converted from one form to another ________. heat is produced
How does heat affect the spoilage rate? speeds up the rate
The use of falling water to provide energy is called __________. hydroelectric energy
The use of the sun’s energy to provide electricity is called _____________. solar energy
What would not be a product of electricity? acidity
Choose one method of obtaining energy that does not hurt the environment Using solar cells
What is a negative impact of wind energy? Causes harm to birds
Colds are caused by viruses
Which of the following are considered the body’s main defense against bacteria, viruses, and other invaders? white blood cells
Antibodies produced in response to an infection remain in the body to fight infections
Diseases are caused by microorganisms
Pasteurization kills germs by treating food and drinks with heat
What is a vaccine? a weak or dead form of disease
Which scientists are best known for their work with vaccines? Louis Pasteur and Edward Jenner
What is one reason it is important to use sterile equipment during surgery? To avoid infection
What piece of technology has had the greatest impact on the medical field? microscope
The plates of the Earth move due to the movement of heat inside called convection
The three types of plate boundaries are convergent, divergent, and transform
What is the correct order of the processes that create sedimentary rock? erosion, deposition, compaction, cementation
Where would you expect to find the oldest layer of rock? at the bottom of the layers
Warm ocean currents begin or originate… at the equator
What law states that energy cannot be created or destroyed? The Law of Conservation of Energy
Which of these would not explain why Americans have a longer life expectancy? American doctors are friendlier
The plates are made up of the the lithosphere
Inventor of Continental Drift Alfred Wegner
Creator of Germ Theory Louis Pasteur
Invented vaccine for smallpox Edward Jenner
first used antiseptics in medicine Joseph Lister
energy created by splitting atoms nuclear energy
energy created by burning waste biomass energy
energy taken from the sun solar energy
energy taken from deep in the Earth Geothermal Energy
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