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Mesopotamia Quiz

Middle school social studies

During the Agricultural Revolution, how did people change their ways of obtaining food? They changed from being hunter-gatherers to farmers
In what types of locations did the Agricultural Revolution first take place? River Valleys
What were the tools and weapons of hunter-gatherers were made of? Stone, wood, and bone
In Mesopotamia, the people who kept written records were called what? Scribes
Because of its shape and the soil, what is another name for Mesopotamia? Fertile Crescent
What was the most important building in a Sumerian town? The ziggurat (temple)
What was the name of the written story of a Sumerian king/god The Epic of Gilgamesh
This same story is similar to what other story? stories told in the Bible's book of Genesis
What was the written language of the Sumerians called? cuneiform
What did the ancient Sumerians write on? clay tablets
What are the two rivers that form Mesopotamia? Tigris and Euphrates
What is the name of the system people build to bring water to dry lands? irrigation
During what part of Egypt’s history were most of the large pyramids built? Egypt's Old Kingdom
When Egypt was conquered by the Hyksos, what new military weapons did these invaders use? Horse drawn chariots and bronze weapons
During the Old Kingdom, how did people think of the pharaoh? The Pharoah was considered a god
What things was Egypt’s Middle Kingdom known for? Public works replaced monuments; many swamps drained and irrigation projects completed
Describe the Nile’s flood pattern predictable
The Nile River flowed north and the winds blew south. How did this affect transportation? allowed for early river transport and trade
How did Egypt’s natural climate affect the religion of its people compared to the religion of Mesopotamia? People of Egypt had a more optimistic religion than that of the people of Mesopotamia
Why was Egyptian civilization allowed to develop for many centuries without outside interference? The natural features of desert and sea made it difficult for invaders to approach Egypt
What was the first use of the wheel? to build with potter's wheels
What made transporting cargo against the current of a river easier? the invention of the sailboat
What made the great building projects of Egypt easier? the use of simple machines
Created by: indycreed