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Ecce Romani 21

somnus sleep
ei to him
somnium dream
animum recuperare to regain one's senses
nihil mali nothing of a bad thing
malus bad
obdormio to go to sleep
corpus body
stercus dung
supra above
mane early in the day
punio to punish
surgo to get up
sum to be
adiuvo to help
pono to place
conicio to throw
primus first
lux light
mortuus dead
simulo to pretend
finio to finish
sero late
cogito to think
invitus unwilling
eo to go
peto to look for
invenio to come upon
removeo to remove
extraho to drag out
video to see
iubeo to order
volo to wish
dico to say
possum to be able
sonitum sound
ita thus
ad mortem to my death
mors death
se rogabat he asked himself
totus all
aurum gold
pecunia money
feles cat
mus mouse
respondeo to reply
relinquo to leave
tremo to tremble
sedeo to sit
effugio to run away
inspicio to examine
rideo to laugh at
Created by: Blobbernaut