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Southmoore--Green Book Commonly Confused Words

aes bronze
aestas summer
casus chance, accident
causa cause, reason
collis hill
collum neck
fama fame, report
fames hunger
imperator commander, emperor
imperium command, empire
latus, lateris side
litus shore
legatus legate
legio legion
magister teacher
magistratus magistrate
manus hand, force
munus duty, gift
mens mind
mensis month
oculus eye
osculum kiss
ops aid
opus work
pectus breast
pecus cattle
pondus weight
pons bridge
porta gate
portus port
sol sun
solea sandal
tempestas weather, storm
tempus time
tribunus tribune
tributum tribute
vestigium footprint
vestis clothing
voluntas wish, consent
voluptas pleasure
acer sharp, keen, fierce
alacer eager
nonus ninth
novus new, strange
perditus lost, destoryed
peritus experienced
totus whole, entire
tutus safe
uter which (of two)
uterque each (of two), both
accido (short -i) fall, happen
accido (long -i) cut into
aperio open, reveal
appareo appear
consisto stand still
constituo determine
deleo destroy
doleo grieve
exeo go out
exerceo train, exercise
figo fix
fingo form, imagine
instituo begin, train
insto press on
iuro swear
iuvo help, please
nanciscor gain, obtain
nascor be born
occido (short -i) set, fall
occido (long -i) kill
pareo obey
pereo perish
pendeo hang
pendo weigh, pay
placeo be pleasing to
placo appease
quaero seek, inquire
queror complain
volo want, wish
volvo roll, turn over
at but
atque and
hic (short -i) this
hic (long -i) here
inde from there
unde from which place
inter among, between
intra within
ita so, in such a way
itaque therefore
num whether
nunc now
prope near
propter on account of
quondam onceq
quoniam since, because
si if
sic so, thus
tam so
tamen still, nevertheless
Created by: southmoore



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