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Body Words in Latin

body words in latin

pectus chest
tergum back
venter stomach
scapula shoulder blade
inguen groin
coxa hip
genitalia genitals
nates buttocks
papilla nipple
mamma breast
femur thigh
crus leg
sura calf
umbilicus navel
poples hamstring
articulus joint
tibia shin
calx heel
talus ankle
gula esophagus
arteria artery
fauces throat
mxilla jaw
cubitum elbow
pugnus fist
palma palm
planta sole of foot
pes foot
digitus pedis toe
patella kneecap
medulla marrow
costa rib
genu knee
pituita phlegm
saliva saliva
calvaria skull
spina spine
sudor wrist
lacrima tear
vena vein
bilis vile
gremium lap
pancreas pancreas
Created by: ribear44