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NSW HSC vocab p.3 personal world-family members

あかちゃん(赤ちゃん) baby
あに(兄) elder brother (own)
あね(姉) elder sister (own)
いとこ cousin
いもうと(妹) younger sister (own)
いもうとさん(妹さん) younger sister (someone else's)
おい nephew
おかあさん(お母さん) mother (someone else's)
おくさん wife (someone else's), married woman
おじ uncle (own)
おじいさん grandfather, old man
おじさん uncle (someone else's), middle-aged man
おとうさん(お父さん) father (someone else's)
おとうと(弟) younger brother (own)
おとうとさん(お弟さん) younger brother (someone else's)
おにいさん(お兄さん) older brother(someone else's)
おねえさん(お姉さん) older sister (someone else's)
おば aunt (own)
おばあさん grandmother, old woman
おばさん aunt (someone else's), middle-aged woman
おや parent(s)
かぞく(家族) family (own)
かない wife (own)
きょうだい(兄弟) brother(s), sister(s), siblings
ぎりの step~, ~in-law
(ご)しゅじん husband (someone else's)
しんせき family relation, relative
そふ(祖父) grandfather (own)
そぼ(祖母) grandmother (own)
ちち(父) father (own)
はは(母) mother (own)
まご grandchild
むすこ son
むすめ daughter
めい niece
りょうしん parents (own)
Created by: carolinedavid
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