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eqt 2

plants alter the chemicals in air how they take nitrogen from the atmosphere and help the soil in nitrogen fixation
a puppy chews on an object besides food this type of behavior is an inherited innate behavior
a change in ocean currents cause the climate on an island to become drier as a result the grasses that cover the island change from green to dark brown over time, how might a species of green toads that hide in the grasses change they will turn brown
when a bug killer is used on a population of insects most bugs will die however a few live what is the BEST explanation insects that survive the spraying s passed their resistance to there offspring
less than 10,000 years ago a few squirrles out of species of squirrels were separated these squirrles now have white tails and black belly's their ancestors have gray tails and white bellies what is this an example of speciation due to geogriphal isolation
what effect do animals have on the enviorment they relese carbon dioxide into the atmosphere
the sperm cell of a squirlle has 20 chromosomes how many are found in a body cell of the same animal 40
the sperm cell of a squirlle has 20 chromosomes how many are found in a body cell of the same animal 40
how would a gene be described coded instructions for a specific trait or portion of DNA
how will an organism be affected if part of its chromosome is missing the organism will lack the necessary info. to control cell processes
if a scientist is trying to decide if a molecule is DNA or RNA for what should he test thymine
the order of bases along a gene determines the order in witch amino acids are put together to form a protein
what is the function of RNA copy the coded message from DNA and take it out to the cytoplasm
what nucleic acids are present in both DNA and RNA guanine and adenine (sometimes cytoplasm)
DNA molecule is bein changed into a RNA molecule the next base to be transcribed on DNA is adenine what base will be the complement in the RNA molocule uracil
when does mutation occur when there is a change in the order of bases in DNA
in a plant tall (D) is the dominate allele witch GENOTYPE would a short offspring have dd
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