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Blood track 2

about cells and blood types

List the three functions of the cardiovascular system delivers needed materials, removes waste products, and fights disease
What does the pacemaker do? regulates your heart beat
Describe the job of the following vessels: Arteries- Veins- Capillaries- Arteries carry blood away from the heart, veins carry blood to the heart, and capillaries are where substances are exchanged between blood and cells
How many layers does each vessel have? Which layer is the muscle layer? How is it different in veins and arteries? Arteries have 3 layers and the muscle is on the middle layer. Veins have 3 layers and the middle layer. Capillaries are where substances are exchanged between blood and cells. Arteries have thick connective tissue and veins have thin tissue.
What causes blood pressure? Where is it highest? the contraction of the ventricles, right as it leaves the heart (arteries close to heart)
Which blood cell type-red or white- are there more of in a healthy human body? red blood cells
Describe the job of the components of blood. Also describe what would happen if you did not have that component. Plasma carries needed materials and removes waste. Your body would become loaded with waste. Red blood cells take oxygen to the body and if you didn't have them you're body would not get/use the oxygen. White blood cells fight disease if you did not have
Which component is 90% water? plasma
What determines your blood type? the marker molecules on your red blood cells
The circulatory system has how many loops? two loops
What instrument is used to measure blood pressure? sphygmomanometer
List which blood type each of the following could safely receive in a transfusion: A, B, AB, O A can receive A and O. B can receive B and O. AB can receive A, B, AB, and O. O can receive O.
What is the function of the lymph nodes? trap germs, fight infection, and filter lymph
When your pulse rate decreases, your heart is beating ______. slower
The cardiovascular system is made up of what three structures? heart, blood vessels, and blood
When fighting and infection, the lymph nodes ________________. enlarge or swell
Explain why people with type AB blood can receive transfusions of any type blood. Type AB blood has traces of every blood in it so it recognizes the makeup and doesn't attack it.
What is the nickname given to blood type O? universal donor
heart hollow muscular organ that pumps blood through the body
atrium receives blood that comes into the heart
ventricle pumps blood out of the heart
valve flap of tissue that prevents blood from flowing backward
pacemaker a group of heart muscle cells that make the heart contract steadily
artery carries blood away from heart
capillary where substances are exchanged between blood and cells
vein carry blood back to the heart
aorta the largest artery; comes here after the left ventricle
coronary artery carry blood to the heart
pulse the alternating expansion and relaxation of the artery wall
diffusion the process by which molecules move from an area of higher concentration to lower
blood pressure the force blood exerts
Created by: rogersroost
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