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Chapter 14, 15Review

Review for American Government Chapter 14, 15 & PP

Last time the U.S. officially declared war. World War II
3 messages sent by the President to Congress every year. State of the union, budget message and Economic report
Pact between President & foreign head of state that does not require Senate approval Executive Agreement
Two step process for forming treaties. President negotiates & Senate approves
When most pardons are given. After sentencing
Must notify Congress w/I 48 hours, must end in 60 days unless Congress approves, Congress may end at any time War Powers Act
All of the people, agencies & procedures through which the Federal Government operates Federal Bureaucracy
Coordinates American military & foreign policy National Security Council
Group generally made up of President, VP, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense & Secretary of Treasury National Security Council
The main duty of this part of the government is preparation of federal budget Office of Management & Budget
Civilian employees who perform administrative work of the Federal government Civil Service
Group of advisers to the President Cabinet
This department conducts foreign affairs & issues and grants passports State Department
This department promotes financial prosperity, prints money & collects taxes. Treasury Department
This department advises president on Constitutional law & fights war on drugs & crime. Justice Department
Sets monetary policy of US (interest rates) & central banking system of US Federal Reserve Board
Prepare strategic plans & recommends military action Joint Chiefs of Staff
Name all of the branches of the military that have representation on the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines
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