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AP Latin Vocabulary

a from, by
ac and, also
ad to, toward, at, near
Aeneas Trojan prince, son of Venus and Anchises, legendary ancestor of Romans
aequor expanse, sea
agmen stream, current; multitude, throng; series, succession, line
alius another, other
altus tall, high, deep
amor love
animus mind; courage, pride
ante in front, previously, before; before, in front of
ara altar
arma weapons, arms
arx citadel, fortress
at but, nevertheless
aura air, breeze, wind, atmosphere, breath, the heavens
aut or, either...or
bellum war
caelum sky, heaven
circum around
coniunx husband, wife, spouse
corpus body
cum (conj) when, since, whenever, although
cum (prep) with
cura care, anxiety
Danai Danaans (descendants of Danaus, Greeks in Trojan War)
de down from, from, concerning, about
deus god
dico to say, tell
dictum utterance, word, speech
Dido Dido (queen of Carthage, daughter of Tyrian king Belus)
divus god
do give
domus house
duco lead
dum while, as long as, until
e from, out of
ego I, we
eo go
et and
fama fame, reputation, story
fatum fate, death
fero to carry, bring, bear, say
ferrum iron, iron tool, sword, armed might
flamma flame
for to speak, talk, to speak prophetically, to say, tell
gens family, clan
hic this, the latter
hic here
hinc from this, hence, next, then
hostis enemy
iam now, already, soon
ignis fire
ille that, he, she, it, the former, that famous
in in, on, among, into, against, toward
ingens huge, big
inter between, among
ipse himself, herself, itself, themselves, very
Iuno Juno
Iuppiter Jupiter
labor work, toil, task, suffering
limen threshold, doorway
litus seashore, coast
locus place
magnus big, great, large, loud
manus hand, band (of men)
medius middle of
mens mind, heart, purpose, design, frame of mind, attitude, will
meus my, mine
miser unhappy, miserable, wretched
moenia walls
mors death
multus greatly, much, many
natus son
nec and...not
non not
noster our
nox night
numen divine power, divine will, divine sanction, divinity, godhead, divine presence
nunc now
o ho!
oculus eye
omnis all, the whole, every, each
os mouth, face, expression
pater father
pectus chest
per through, along, over
peto to seek, look for, aim at, attack
possum to be able
Priamus Priam
primus first, at first
-que and
qui who, which, that
quis who
regnum kingdom
res thing, matter, situation, affair
rex king
sanguis blood, family
se apart
sed but
sedes seat, center, abode, home
sequor to follow
si if
sic thus, in this way
socius companion, comrade, partner, colleague, ally
sto to stand
sub under, beneath, down in, down to, up to
sum to be
summus very great, the greatest, the top of...highest, supreme
talis such, like this, of this kind
tantus so great, such a big
tectum roof, ceiling, roofed building, house, dwelling, shelter
telum weapon, spear
teneo to hold
terra earth, ground, land
Teucri descendants of Teucer, Trojans
totus all the whole
Troia Troy
tu you
tum at that moment, then
tuus your
ubi where, when
umbra shadow, shade
unus one, alone, only
urbs city
ut as, when, so that, that, to, how
-ve or
venio to come
ventus wind
via road, street
video to see
vinco to win, conquer, overcome
vir man
vis force, amount
voco to call, invite
vox voice, utterance, speech, word
accipio to accept, get, receive, welcome
Achilles Achilles
adsum to be present, be near
aether air, heaven, sky
ago to do, drive, to discuss, debate
ait he/she says, said
Anchises Anchises
annus year
antiquus ancient
ardeo to burn, blaze, to be eager for
arvum (plowed) field, lands, countryside
Ascanius Ascanius
aspicio to look at, observe, behold
ater black, dark
audeo to dare
audio to hear, listen to
aurum gold
bis twice
cado to fall
caecus blind, blinded, dark
capio to take, catch, capture, seize
caput head
casus falling, fall
causa reason
cavus concave, hollow
cerno to sift, separate
clamor shout, shouting
classis class, fleet
clipeus shield
comes companion
condo to put into
contra against, opposite
corripio to seize hold of, snatch up
credo to trust, believe
crudelis cruel
cursus running, rushing
dea goddess
demitto to send, let down
desero to leave (behind), abandon
dextera right hand
dies day
dolor greif, pain
dolus trick
donum gift
dulcis sweet, fresh
ecce look!
enim for
equidem for my part
equus horse
eripio to snatch from, rescue
erro to wander, be mistaken
etiam also, even
extremus situated at the end
facio to make, do
finis end
fluctus wave, billow
forte by chance
fortis brave
fortuna fortune (good or bad)
fuga running away, flight
fugio to flee
fundo to pour, to emit
furo to be mad
furor frenzy
gemitus pained/sorrowful sound, groan, moan
genitor father, creator
genus race, stock, nation
gero to wear, to carry on, perform, do
gravis heavy, serious, burdened
haereo to stick, cling
haud not, by no means
heu alas
homo man
iacto to throw, cast
idem the same
imago likeness, mask
immanis savage, brutal
imperium empire, power
imus lowest, bottommost
incendo to burn, set on fire
insto to set foot on, to press on
interea meanwhile
ira anger
is he, she, it
iste that, such
Italia Italy
iubeo to order, bid
Iulus Iulus
iussum commands, orders
iuvenis young man
labor to slip, fall, stumble
lacrima tear
laetus happy, glad
latus side, flank
latus broad, wide
longus long
lumen light, radiance
lux light
maneo to remain, stay
mare sea
metus fear
misceo to mix, stir up
mitto to send, let go
mons mountain, hill
morior to die
moveo to move, shake
murus wall
nam for
namque certainly
navis ship
-ne indicates a question
ne in case
nomen name
mos we, us
notus known, familiar
novus new
nubes cloud
nullus no, none
opto to wish, to choose
opus work, product, task
ora border, edge, coast
oro to beg, pray
Pallas Pallas
parens parent
paro to prepare, get ready
pars part, direction, region
patria nation, native land
patrius of a father, native
pelagus sea, ocean
pes foot
Phoebus Phoebus Apollo
poena punishment, penalty
pono to put, place
populus people
porta gate, entrance, opening
premo to press, grip tightly
primum first, at first
pro for
puer boy
pulcher beautiful
qua where
quaero to seek, look for
qualis of what sort, what kind
quam than, as
quid why
rapio to snatch, seize
reddo to give back, return
refero to bring back, report
regina queen
relinquo to leave behind
ruo to rush
saevus fierce, savage
saxum rock, boulder, stone
servo to save, keep protect
sidus heavenly body, star, planet
silva woods, forest
sino to allow
solus alone
somnus sleep
soror sister
sors lot, destiny, fortune
spes hope, expectation
spolium skin, hide
sterno to lay out on the ground
subeo to go underneath, to support
super over, above
supplex making humble entreaty
surgo to get up, rise
suus his, her
tamen however, nevertheless
tandem at last, at length
tantum only, so much
tellus ground, earth
templum temple
tempus time
tendo to extend
tergum back, rear
tollo to lift, raise
tot so many
traho to drag, pull
tristis sad, grim, terrible
Troianus Trojan
Turnus Turnus
ullus any
umerus shoulder
unda wave
vates prophet, seer
Venus Venus
vero in truth, indeed
vertex whirlpool, eddy, summit
verto turn, spin
verus truly, really, indeed
vester your
virgo maiden
vita life
volo to wish, want
volo to fly, move quickly
volvo to move in a curved course, roll
vos you
vulnus wound
vultus face, expression
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