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Classification Coronary vasodilator
Description Related to NTG to Tx angina pectoris. Also effective in emergent mgt of cyanide poisoning by causing the oxidation of Hgb to the compound methemoglobin. Methemoglobin reacts with the cyanide ion to form cyanomethemoglobin, thus freeing Hgb to react with o
Onset/ Duration 30 seconds inhaled Duration 3-30 minutes
Indications Cyanide poising ANTIDOTE (only until sodium nitrate can be given IV) symptomatic angina pectoris
Contraindications None when used for cyanide poisoning
Adverse reactions Hypotension Tachycardia Palpitations Syncope HA N/V Visual disturbance
Precautions Establish IV prior to admin, keep pt in supine position as hypotension may develop Drug has pungent odor & is highly flammable Medic take care not to inhale vapors
Supplied 0.3 ml/glass ampule covered with woven gauze
Dosage Same for adult & Ped ; break vaporole and inhale for 30 seconds while breathing 100% O2 repeat PRN pt ti be supine during admin – monitor BP
Special considerations Frequently abused- claimed to be an aphrodisiac Cyanide poising often produces a bitter almond breath Oder
Created by: fsneumann