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Classification Simple sugar
Pharm/action Increases circulation blood sugar levels only Short acting osmotic diuretic Increases circulation blood sugar levels only Short acting osmotic diuretic
Indications 1) Decreased level of consciousness due to hypoglycemia 2) Unknown cause of coma or seizures 3) Acute alcoholism following thiamine administration 4) Status epilepticus 5) A medical cardiac arrest with unknown history
Contraindications 1) Hyperglycemia 2) Contraindicated in intracranial hemorrhage 3) Contraindicated in known CVA 4) Incompatible with sodium bicarbonate
Precautions 1) Must have well running patent IV MUST PERFORM IV PATENCY CHECK PROR TO ADMINISTATION 2) D50 can cause intracranial bleed in infants if not diluted to 25 % 3) Must recheck bG for recurrent hypoglycemia
Side Effects Tissue necrosis if allowed it infiltrate MUST DOCUMENT IV OPATENCY CHECK PRIOR TO ADMINISTRATION
ADMINISTRATION BLD should be drawn for glucose testing prior toadministration D_50 Adults (age ≥2yo) when bG is < 80mg/dl :25 gm IV Dextrose 50% 1mL = 0.5g 2mL = 1.0 g slow IV push D_50 Peds > 2yo; when bG is < 80mg/dL use D_50; 0.5 -1g/kg (1-2L/kg) over 5-10 mi
Created by: fsneumann