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Classification Anticholinergic, parasympatholytic, (+) Chronetrope, parasympathetic blocker
Pharm/Actions 1) Parasympathetic (vagal) blocking action 2) Accelerates sinus node discharged rate 3) Improves AV conduction blocking vagus nerve 4) By increasing sinus rate, may reduce compensatory PVCs 5) May restore cardiac rhythm in asystole or bradycardic PEA
Indications 1) Bradycardia accompanied Hemodyamically significant hypotension and/or Ventricular ectopic beats or Other sign or symptoms of hemodynamic decomposition 2) May be indicated for ventricular asystole refractory to epi 3) Antidote for organophosphate
Contraindications 1) Should not be used for bradcardia, unless signs of poor perfusion or ventricular ectopy are present 2) Should not be administered slowly or in smaller than recommended dose as paradoxical slowing of rate can occur. 3) Tachycardia 4) Hypersensitivity
Precautions 1) DO NOT PUSH SLOWLY or in smaller than recommended doses. Small doses (< 0.5mg) produce paradoxical cardiac slowing. 2) Maximum dose should only be exceeded in Organophosphate poising
Side effects May cause decreased GI motility, urinary retention, pupil dilation, tackycardia, dry mouth , dry, flushed skin
Onset-Duration Onset-Duration
Administration 1) Symptomatic Bradydysrhythmias; Bradycardic PEA; asystole a. Adult dosage; Bradycardia Asysole or Brady Adult dosage; Bradycardia Asysole or Bradycardia PEA: 0.5 -1.0 Mg rapid IV push; repeat PRN q3-5 min, not to exceed total dose of 3mg or 0.04mg/kg.
Special notes Atropine may actually worsen the bradycardia associated with 2 ° Mobitz II and 3° Av block The bradycardia may need TCP Increased myocardial may need TCP Increased myocardial O2 demand by excessive rate acceleration may extend and infarction. Atropine
Created by: fsneumann