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ASPIRIN – ASA Acetysalicylic Acid

Classification Antiplatet , Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antipyetic
Description Blocks pain impulse in the CNS dilates peripheral vessels, decreases platelet aggregation 324 mg ASA strongly recommended for all CP pt or suspected AMI pts EVEN IF THEY ARE ON AN ASA MAINTANCE DOSE.
Onset/ duration Onset 15-30 min Duration 4-6 hrs
Indications CP of cardiac origin Mild to Moderate pain or fever Prevention of platelet aggregation in ischemia & thromboembolism Unstable angina Prevention of MI or reinfarction
Contraindications Hypersensitivity to ASA products Children with flu like symptoms Current active bleeding external or internal Disorder Hemophilia
Dosage Adult CP 325mg PO chewed/ swallowed Pain/Fever 160-325mg PO q 4-6 CP admin prior to IV access or admin of NTG Rectal suppository may be used for pt who cannot take ASA PO
Precautions a) pts w/asthma, hay fever, or nasal polyps have higher incidence of hypersensitivity reactions b) Pts w/recent Hx of GI bleeding c) Pts currently on anticoagulant therapy d) ASA OD is considered when pt has ingested >mg/kg
Side Effects 1) May produce N/V 2) Idopathic Anaphylaxis 3) Reye’s Syndrome in children 4) GI bleeding 5) Tinnitus/Hearing loss 6) Wheezing
Drug Interactions Decreased effects with antacids/steroids Increased effects w/anticoagulants, insulin ,oral hypoglycemic, fibrinolytic agents
Created by: fsneumann